Kim Naples

Engagement Coordinator

Kim has managed enormous accounts in various industries and still found time to run a marathon in Dublin.

Kim Naples classes up the joint with her numerous years of experience as an Account Manager for national organizations like the Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups (which included accounts for the American Cancer Society and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society), where she won an award for Top Presenter during one of the 11 Cooperative Groups’ meetings, and eMoneyAdvisor, where she managed accounts for 9 of the 15 largest U.S. Life Insurers. She also acted as the Associate of International Operations at VerticalNet, where she assisted with the management of three international accounts. To say that she has experience managing the needs of a client as well as the goals of a project is an understatement. She began her career as a graduate of Lafayette College with a degree in International Affairs. When she isn’t earning awards or beefing up her expertise, Kim enjoys traversing the globe (Germany, Japan, and even married in Barcelona), doing some sort of impressive physical activity in another country (marathon in Dublin? Sure, why not), or spending time with her family (three great kids and one supportive and fun husband). If you’re feeling a little exhausted just reading about Kim, her qualifications, and accomplishments, imagine how we feel trying to keep up with her. It became clear, quite quickly, that Mrs. Naples can do just about anything, which makes her an invaluable addition to the IC team.