Core77 recognizes Intuitive Voting

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Our acclaimed Intuitive Voting project earned recognition as a Notable in the Core77 Design Awards for the Strategy & Research category. The award jury noted that “the project looked at multiple users, not just voters. It also looked at the end to end experience.”

Our research was conducted in response to the 2014 report from the Presidential Commission on Election administration, identifying shortcomings in the registration process, access to polls, and voter technology. Through interviews with key voting stakeholders and comparative research analysis of existing resources for education, we identified the key challenges facing both voters and volunteers working at elections.

To solve these challenges, we created an app that functions to help first-time voters register, experienced, absentee voters request and submit absentee ballots, and aid in training and support of election day volunteers.

The awards page contains our full process and findings. We’re very proud of our app and recognition!

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Rob Tannen

Senior Director of UX Teams

Prepared by Intuitive Company before it joined Ernst & Young LLP.