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Last Monday, Intuitive Softball – a team who hadn’t won in over two months – beat the odds to crush the last game of the regular season against T&F and make the playoffs.

“I’d describe it as destiny,” star hitter Kieran ‘Willie Mayes Hayes’ Evans said, going 3 for 3 on the night. “I just watched a team that hadn’t won in over two months, rally back from an 8-1 deficit to win the last game of the season. That’s never happened before, not in the history of this team.”

As a fan, I’ve always believed in us, but the Intuitive crew has had victory stolen from their tiny designer-hands more than once, blowing convincing leads in the last inning against Levlane and Tierney.

No one outside of this company thought we could win on Monday, but only because they didn’t know the game was happening. If they were there, they would have seen some real heroes in the game of softball.

Highlights include Craig Willard shutting down 3 straight line drives, the 7-5-2 double play, Rob’s dog Finn picking up a grounder in the outfield for an adorable interruption, and Matt ‘Pedro Cerrano’ Lewis blasting it out of the park.

For a minute in the last inning, this game looked to be a tragic reenactment of our last one. We were up 16-10, and two misplayed outfield hits allowed three runs in for the opposing team. T&F was building momentum. With one out to go, our pitcher Meghan took the mound, and threw a laser-rocket underhand that left the batter swinging. Confidence shaken, the next hit was an easy catch. And just like that, the curse was broken. Intuitive won 16-13.

I stumbled home that night, perhaps from the beer, or perhaps from pure shock and ecstasy. Floating on a cloud, I mumbled to myself aloud, “I can’t believe it. We won. We’re playoff bound.”

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