Intuitive Voting: A panel on designing the future of elections – PTW2015

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This week we happily hosted a Philly Tech Week event (to our knowledge, the first in our neighborhood of Manayunk) about our award winning concept, Intuitive Voting. Team members Andrew Harvard and Rob Tannen discussed the concept application and engaged in a panel discussion with Pat Christmas of The Committee of Seventy and Seth Bluestein from the Philadelphia City Commissioner Office of Al Schmidt.

The conversation was focused, fascinating, and enlightening. During the event, we also utilized in order to share social media thoughts and questions for the panel to discuss. The delicious food provided by Winnie’s Le Bus, so even if it was a no show, we’d be eating awesomeness for days.

We were so happy to host around 35 people in our office and couldn’t be more proud of the team that brought this amazing idea to light. For anyone that missed it, we’ll be sharing video of the event in the near future. Until then, here’s a few pictures of the event.


From left: Andrew Harvard, Pat Christmas, Seth Bluestein, and Rob Tannen.
Seth Bluestein and Rob Tannen bring the discussion.
Andrew Harvard and Pat Christmas do their stuff.
The after action report is all smiles. Good work, team!
A sample of our stream wall!.

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