It’s all Greek to me

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I recently had the opportunity to give a short presentation and Q&A session on UX design to a Meetup group in Athens, Greece. I wasn’t able to physically attend, but the magic of Skype allowed me to feel as if I were sitting in the Parthenon addressing the masses.

There’s also an interesting social-media aspect to my talk: I was approached to speak at the Meetup over LinkedIn. Over a year ago I had connected with someone who had read an article I wrote on what you should expect, and how to care for, your UX Researcher. This same person recently started the Athens UX Community, remembered my article and my focus on user experience, and then reached out to ask if I could present at his group’s meeting.

For the presentation itself, I gave my thoughts on what makes UX design and research unique, as well as the need for UX-focused jobs throughout industries. The crowd asked great questions about the process of spreading user-focused ways of thinking throughout an organization, how to work collaboratively in teams, and my thoughts on research and design, particularly usability testing. Athens has a budding UX community—more than 80 people attended the Meetup—and they are obviously hungry for as much information as they can find.

I had a great time helping to spread the vision of Intuitive and UX to an international audience. Here’s hoping that I have many more opportunities to engage audiences live and via Skype in the future.

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