The State of Prototyping in 2017

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The EY Intuitive team has seen an explosion of prototyping tools this past year. There are currently 25 active and supported tools, with the number fluctuating each week as some are acquired and others are released.

Our team is all about prototyping to show interactions early and often so that designers, developers and clients are on the same page. The industry has moved away from the “Surprise!” waterfall model and onto a more collaborative agile approach because it reduces mistakes and keeps things moving smoothly.

The problem is that keeping up with the number of prototyping tools is overwhelming. We created a short survey to understand what the design community finds valuable, where they see prototyping going in the future, and what they’re interested in. So we ask that you take eight minutes to complete this survey anonymously.

Our goal is to publish these results in the coming weeks to help others understand the prototyping landscape. We don’t know if we’ll find consensus, but we think what we do learn will be valuable.


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